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January 18, 2012


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I bought this game right around when it first came out, and I have always been a fan. I'm a fan of dead things. A fan of zombies, and a fan of anything rotten, smelly, and nasty. But you know what I'm not a fan of? The A: DD fanbase. I have had absolutely enough of what these kids have to say-- half of them haven't even played the game. They get to maybe... the Wine Cellar (not even), or they play the demo, and then they're all like LOLOLOL I PLAYD AMNEESA DURR DURR. 8'B

Something that I think is absolutely ridiculous is the way that people's online walkthroughs have turned into memes. So yeah, these people have every right to make Let's Plays where they scream and mess themselves, and some of them were intended to be funny, definitely. But it seems like, to me at least, that the quotations and lines from the walkthroughs have sort of become... integrated into the game, or something? MangaMinx, Pewdiepie, Jenomorph, and DILDOBITCH didn't fuckin' create these games. They didn't create walkthroughs for you to create memes out of it, either.

How many of you actually know (without consulting the wiki) what a Servant Brute Gatherer is. Or a Kaernk. Or what the purpose of Tampter is.  Half of you probably don't even know why Agrippa is being chained up in Alexander's basement. Maybe some of you don't even know who Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa is (or was). Anyone who has played the game would know these things.

Can you tell me where Frictional Games is located? Who's Mikko Tarmia, where's he from? How about Jens Nilsson? Granted, yes, I am a HUGE fan of this company, and especially of Amnesia, so I don't suppose that everyone is going to know these things. I just think that this game has turned into something that is all about yaoi, buttsecks, and general gay-ass faggotry. Maybe some of you should sit in a dark room and play the game (with headphones or speakers, it doesn't matter, as long as it's loud). You WILL be scared---- oh wait. No you won't, because you've already watched a million silly and ridiculous walkthroughs, so you know EVERYTHING that happens in the game.

I'm also extremely sick of the entire cosplay shenanigans that take place in this fandom. Unless you are going to take the time to actually make yourself look older/haggard/ancient/accurate/manly/whatever, then don't bother. You just look silly and ridiculous. I'm not saying that I disagree with crossplay. I'm saying that cosplay is supposed to be about dressing up as a character. Half-ass, girlie cosplays of "Daniel" and "Alexander" are just stupid, despicable, and maybe even disrespectful to the creators who took the time to create these characters. Alexander has a significant other, did you know that? You would, had you actually played the game. You'd also notice that the reason he wants the Orb is so that he can use its power to return to her. He is not raping Daniel, he is not lusting after him, he is MANIPULATING him. He is USING Daniel to murder innocent people.

Perhaps I am naive, perhaps I am stupid. I am a huge fan of everything Sweden and Finland. This sort of makes my opinion on this topic more elevated and biased, definitely. But I think that the way that fans trash this game is absolutely ridiculous, and it has gone way too far. This game was intended to be horrific and frightening, and it has turned into a lot of nonsense. I think this is pretty sad, because even though I've played through is probably 20+ times, I do still get scared at times. I've had enough of this gay-ass fanbase and their garbage. Stop ruining games.
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CmdShepardN7 Aug 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
pewdiepie is such a fag, can't believe that he has such a big fan base.

It rustles my jimmies >:c
R-Cookie Aug 6, 2012
I agree with you. I actually don't like scary games like Amnesia but I've heard a lot about it and they say it is the scariest game ever. That was my reason to play Amnesia. I was scared like fuck omgkdshaflk;fas but I loved it. It was a fantastic game. Later I searched for more information about Amnesia (like custom stories and stuff) and I saw the video of DILDOBITCH. I laughed my ass off. It was funny because it was he did it for himself or something.
But when I saw that shit of PDP, I can't say he is funny at all. He is scared of everything AND he is only making these video's for his fans. THAT is what I hate about him. It looks like he doesn't give a fuck about the story itself. And what the shit, Stephano, PIGGEHHH, and all that other stuff.

Also when I saw the trailer of Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs, I was like: This looks amazing! Maybe a part outside in the dark streets? But when I looked at the comments... YAY MORE PDP or PIGGGEH HAZ COME. I almost got a heart attack. I really hope he doesn't fuck this up... >.>

By the way, do you have steam? And if you do can I add you to my list? (:
DILDOBITCH was SO hilarious. I can watch that video and laugh over and over again-- and you're right!!!! It's because he did it for himself!! He was on Skype with a bunch of friends, and he was trying not to shit himself while playing the game. It got posted on youtube because it was hilarious as fuck.

PDP just... ughasdfa;wlkejf;. He posts stuff because he likes his fans. It bothers me SO much, like you have no idea. I can't wait for My Little Piggy: Machines are Magic.



Okay, my ranting is over. :XD: My Steam name is Frau Agrippa, feel free to add me!!! :)
R-Cookie Aug 7, 2012
Well that was a awesome ranting hahaha, I'm trying to add you but Steam is failing. My Steam name is Ace. :3
Try again today... maybe Steam was being dumb. :XD: I will see if I can find you though :333
Dirge-of-Fate Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

NessaMorgoth Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Why is this post appearing to me again, again and again in my deviantart dash? Pffff
Um, also... I do remember you commenting on this before, making some sarcastic comment about gays or something.

If you really have something to say about what I've written, then why not just say it? Clearly this post irks you enough for you to comment on it separately twice (when nobody else has done so), and each time you have been pretty agitated about what I've written.

Is there anything I've written that's really so unreasonable?

The funnier thing is that I doubt you'll even respond to this. I'm not trying to provoke you, either. I just find it odd that you come on here with all of your annoyed-ness making lackluster comments that you won't even respond to. I'm here to chat about the Amnesia fanbase. I'm not here to watch you make sarcastic, stupid, or useless comments and then leave.
:shrug: It's only been submitted to two groups, so you've only seen it "again" once. If you don't like the content, just delete the message! Sorry if I've bothered you. ^_^
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